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and other Creepy Crawlies

I always wanted a bug collection, but I could never kill the bugs and then stick little pins in them.  Thanks to the net I've finally found a way to collect bugs.  Most of these bugs were carefully caught by me, photographed, and then released back outdoors where they could continue to do their buggy thing! Even the smallest, and often most unloved, of God's creatures have a purpose in life so, unless there's a good reason for killing them, we need to leave them be.






Out of all the spiders in the US, there are only two that can cause serious
injury.  One is the Black Widow, and the other is the Brown Recluse.  The Recluse
is also called the fiddle back spider, for good reason.  From the close-up 
you can easily see the fiddle on the back of his head (cephalothorax).  Also, the rear 
end (thorax) is a solid nut brown color.  Most other spiders have some sort of 
patterning on their thorax.

The picture to the left is about 1/3 larger then the actual spider.  He's about 1/2 to 3/4", 
and has very long legs compared to his body.  Compare his legs with the spiders above.
I can usually identify a recluse without seeing the fiddle because of these legs, but just 
to be on the safe side I also look for the fiddle.  

I have a young granddaughter who comes often to visit so if there's a doubt I'll be able 
to safely catch the spider, I will kill this species.  Only 15 - 20% of the Brown Recluse bites 
turns into anything serious, but that 10% chance is enough for me to take extra 
precaution when dealing with them.

Click Here to view a nasty brown recluse bite.  The picture will pop
up in it's own window so you might have to allow pop-ups temporarily. 
WARNING: It's not pretty to look at.

The little fellow left may look similar
to the brown recluse,  as many spiders
do, but the pattern on his rear (thorax) 
says he's totally harmless to humans!



The majority of bites by the brown recluse go unnoticed, since it's a small population who get bitten and go
onto develop such a reaction as Carries.  Just learn memorize what the brown recluse looks like,
make a concerted effort to avoid them whenever possible!




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