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3. SPONSORED LINKS and LINKS TO WEBSITES OUT OF CONTROL OF INTERNET CLIPART - Sponsored links are paid advertisement, and while we do visit the sites advertised and believe them to be legitimate businesses, there is no way to follow up on the business practices and reliability of all the ads that may be run on this site.   Users of this site must use caution when engaging in any commerce over the internet, and by using this website, users are agreeing not to hold Internet Clipart responsible for any oversights or activities that take place on any website outside of the control of internet clipart, including, but not exclusive to, websites linked from this site as sponsor links.

4. *Images in the classic car category are copyright Ford, Chevy, Mazda and other car manufacturers.  Copyright prohibits images of autos to be used on items such a calendars, coffee mugs, Tshirts or any other items that will be offered for sale.  The images should, however, be safe to use under the "fair use" copyright policy for such things as using them on flyers to promote a local car show.  If you are not sure your usage would be considered fair use, then you may want to rethink your policy or contact the car company for permission to use the images.

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Because you took the time to read my Terms of Usage Page, I've put some graphics here just for you (they aren't in the "general collection"...they are just for your use. These phones would be great if your website has your phone number on it.  Your visitor surely won't miss your number if you use one of these graphics with it!              



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